About This Yacht

37 Ft Custom Sportfishermen constructed in 1991 and renovated in 2017, has two 370 HP Cummins engines and can cruise at a top speed of 18 knots – specially designed & built for fishing. The boat can accommodate up to 8 fishermen.

Dimensions: 37 feet in length, 13 feet wide

The dock is so close to the drop-off, that the crew can start putting out lures in only a few minutes time.

She comes with a captain and mate. For your comfort, she is equipped with the downriggers, outriggers, good electronics, and an experienced crew, who know the local waters very well. All the gear is of high quality.

She is equipped with a toilet as well.

About The Captain: Professional & experienced - a retired thoroughbred racing jockey at Woodbine Racetrack in Canada and Barbados. He was at the helm of the previous Legacy when they landed the heaviest Blue Marlin and won the Rolex/IGFA Offshore Championship Spice Island Billfish Tournament 2006 in Grenada, weighing in at 669 lbs. A record that still stands.

About The Crew: Friendly & Professional crew with extensive experience.

Species: Your catch in deep-sea fishing ranges from the mighty Marlin, Sailfish, Wahoo, Mahi Mahi, and Tuna.

Types of fishing: Inshore Fishing, Nearshore Fishing, Offshore Fishing

Fishing Techniques: Light Tackle, Heavy Tackle, Bottom Fishing, Trolling, Jigging, Deep Sea Fishing

Amenities Onboard:
Features & Comforts: Toilet, Air Conditioning, Bed, Flybridge, Kitchen, Ice Box
Fishing Equipment: Fighting Chair, Fishfinder
Navigational: GPS
Galley: Refrigerator
Safety: Life Jackets

Trip Details

这个定制的运动渔夫专为钓鱼而设计,配备了下降支架、支腿、良好的电子设备和熟悉当地水域的经验丰富的船员。该船最多可容纳 7 名渔民,配有船长和副手,并配有卫生间。

船员在阿鲁巴岛拥有丰富的经验,并且装备质量上乘。 Jono Jones 队长是加拿大和巴巴多斯 Woodbine 赛马场的一名退休纯种赛马骑师。当 Legacy 登陆最重的蓝枪鱼并赢得 2006 年在格林纳达举行的劳力士/IGFA 离岸冠军香料岛比目鱼锦标赛时,Jono 船长掌舵,重达 669 磅。一个仍然存在的记录。


您可以选择以 4、6 或 8 小时租船的方式在这艘漂亮的船上钓鱼。或者更好的是,预订 Legacy 参加加勒比海的整个钓鱼比赛。所有行程均包含饮料、小吃和鱼类清洁/切片服务,因此您可以在当地餐厅准备好您的捕获物。

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We Offer the following Trips

  • 半日游(下午)
    $600 USD

    当地水域水位下降很快,因此您无需出海太远即可享受捕捉令人兴奋的物种的乐趣。您将瞄准 Mahi Mahi、Wahoo 和 Barracuda。往返交通连同饮料和小吃都包含在房价内。

    4 小时的行程,从下午 1:00 开始。最多 8 人
  • 半日游(上午)
    $600 USD

    在这次旅行中,您将在当地水域垂钓 Wahoo、Mahi Mahi 和 Barracuda。行程中提供免费饮料(汽水、朗姆酒、啤酒)和小吃。往返交通也包括在内。

    4 小时的行程,从早上 7:00 开始。最多 8 人
  • 3/4 日游
    $900 USD

    为您的钓鱼冒险增加几个小时,并检查更多的生产地点。接触 Wahoo、Mahi Mahi、梭鱼、金枪鱼和一些长嘴鱼。

    6 小时的行程,从早上 7:00 开始。最多 8 人
  • 全日游
    $1200 USD

    这八个小时的行程,正是医生嘱咐的。您将前往长达 15 英里的海域,前往 Mahi Mahi、金枪鱼、旗鱼、马林鱼、Wahoo 和梭鱼。

    8 小时的行程,从早上 7:00 开始。最多 8 人


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Price Calculation

Default Rate: 800 USD

Pax Included in the default rate: 4

Additional Passenger rate: 80 USD

Base Price: 550 USD

Total Price: 550 USD

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Balance: 550 USD

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3/ When the deposit is paid you will receive a very detailed trip confirmation.

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